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GOLE, Aniruddha

Professor (University of Manitoba), IRC NSERC

Dr. Aniruddha Gole, together with his industrial partners and research students, developed new simulation approaches for power systems, including models for multi-level modular converters which are orders of magnitude faster than existing approaches, new techniques for real-time electromagnetic simulation of very large power networks, and new methods for studying multi-infeed HVDC transmission systems. In collaboration with Dr. Filizadeh, the team developed new simulation-based optimization and statistical analysis tools. The majority of this research has been incorporated into commercial study tools and international guides and standards.

Dr. Gole's research interests include power systems simulation, power electronic applications in energy networks, electromagnetic transients simulation, HVDC control systems, and HVDC stability analysis.


Professor (University of Manitoba)

Dr. Shaahin Filizadeh and his students conduct research in the simulation and design of power-electronic intensive systems, such as electric motor drives, high-power electronic compensators, and hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicular power-trains. Their major achievements include development of a real-time hardware-in-loop (HIL) simulation facility for optimization of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and design and construction of an electric drive for a plug-in all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

Dr. Filizadeh's research interests include power systems transient simulation, power electronics, hybrid and electric vehicles, and electric motor drives.